We base the referral fee on a simple idea; once you get a new client, then we get paid.

The referral fee is a once off payment from the personal trainer to trainers.net.au, once the personal trainer has been referred a new client.

Why a once-off referral fee and not a subscription or monthly fee?

Subscription fees for websites are old school – and not the good type of old school. This is 2017. We think it is only fair to get what you pay for.

For this reason, we have made the referral fee relative to revenue that the client will generate for you.

How much is the referral fee?

Many other directories will charge a monthly amount – usually they don’t refer you many clients, sometimes none at all. This isn’t cool.

We decided to take a fair, fresh approach.

The referral fee on trainers.net.au is the equivalent of two weeks worth of training revenue from that client. That’s it; no ongoing payment and no monthly fees.

Example fees: If the client only trains one (1) session per week, then the referral fee is the same amount as the revenue from two (2) sessions.

If they train two (2) sessions per week, then the referral fee is the same amount as revenue from four (4) sessions.

How is the fee paid?

At the end of the calendar month, we will send you an invoice with each of the referrals you recieved from trainers.net.au .

This invoice can be paid by bank deposit, EFT transfer, or PayPal.

Aside from the referral fee, what are the ongoing costs?

There are no ongoing costs. Once the referral fee has been paid, you manage the client completely as you choose, with no more to pay.

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