How to Promote Your Personal Training Business Online For Free

The personal training industry is experiencing rapid growth due to the opportunities it has started to provide good trainers.

However, no matter how many kilos you can get your clients to shed or how much muscle you can help them build, one of the key factors that will distinguish your business and attract new customers is the way you market and sell yourself online.

In this article we help you do exactly that by suggesting four things you can do right now to effectively promote your business online. 

1. Create a Listing on

Naturally, we believe that one of the best free ways for you to promote your business is to create a listing on

The best part: you can do this absolutely 100% for free (you don’t even need to enter your credit card details). A functional email address is all you need to get yourself registered as either:

  • a personal trainer
  • a PT business
  • a training studio.

Creating your free listing on will give you a full profile which includes business details, profile photo/logo, cover photo, gallery, reviews, show off your qualifications, and feature your availability.

Building up your online presence also has side benefits; it helps with SEO for your personal training business, and helps build out your brand and reputation. Plus it’s very easy, you can get started in less than 5 minutes.

2. Create a Google Maps Listing 

Searching for businesses on Google Maps will instantly give you a long list of relevant businesses you can consult for guidance, including when clients are searching for a trainer.

You can easily add your own business to Google Maps as well, which is the first step towards having your business listed near the top whenever anyone searches for personal trainers.

There are a few things you can do to help yourself listed and gathering leads quicker, including:

  • creating your listing only for the area(s) where you train your clients, making it easier to find you
  • getting your business listing officially verified by Google if possible (you’ll need an address to do this)
  • write a descriptive introduction with details about your training services, pricing, and availability.

You can create your Google Maps listing here.

3. Create Social Media Profiles and Be Active On Them 

Creating profiles on social media platforms gives you the chance to enter into a direct conversation with potential clients, as well as assisting in building out your online presence.

Facebook and Instagram are two popular options, but the former is likely to be more effective due to the “community” nature of the platform.

However, it is important to be smart while creating and posting to these profiles, and not get caught in the trap of trying to get likes and shares and followers, doing it “for the gram” – while still not getting any new clients though.

Focus on revenue; not likes, shares or followers

Social media marketing is an example of a tool that is popular because of its ability to help you reach a large number of people. However, you run the risk that the people you reach through this method could be living anywhere in the world – this means that most of them can’t train with you. 

Often, big brands put out content and enter conversations that appeal to their global audience – this strategy might work for Nike or Under Armour, but as a personal training business serving local clients, it would be better to put your efforts into local conversations that will bring clients in.

Look for your local community groups on social media – Buy Swap Sell groups, mothers groups, school groups etc. This turns out better results for generating revenue than trying to collect thousands of followers.

4. Create a Website for your PT Business

This is perhaps the most difficult thing to do of the tasks listed in this article, but it also shows professionalism and allows you to put your qualifications and skills on display.

It doesn’t have to be beautiful

You don’t need to have a beautifully designed website right from the beginning, since the process of building one takes time, money and effort.

However, if you have some experience in this area or want to try, you can experiment with platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress, among others. Wix and Squarespace are simple to use, yet WordPress offers far better user experience, even if it requires a little bit more technical knowledge.

It doesn’t have to be complicated

Generally speaking personal trainers only need a simple website with only a few pages. Buying an off the shelf theme is usually fine, and the most effort should go into writing the content.

Content you want to include on your website is:

  • areas you train
  • style of training you offer
  • services you offer
  • information about you (hobbies, family etc)
  • pricing structure
  • your contact details

Our recommendation for setting up a website:

  1. While Wix and Squarespace might seem easier to start with, a WordPress website will be more futureproofed and provide a better user experience for potential clients
  2. We recommend using a managed hosting provider, such as Cloudways, and then using a lightweight theme such as Schema (free)
  3. Create your website and include the information mentioned above


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