We understand that personal trainers are usually just a normal guy or woman that is passionate about training their clients. They are usually passionate about fitness, healthy living and eating right. Our goal is tomake the world a fitter, healthier place by helping people find the right personal trainer.

We understand that being a PT isn’t easy, whether it is big companies trying to make a quick buck by pushing PT courses, or by big gyms with expensive, long rent contracts. These challenges end up affecting both the trainers and the clients.

Why trainers.net.au

The right personal trainer for a client isn’t always at the top of the first page of Google, has their photo on the “trainers” wall at a gym, has the most likes on Facebook, or even has the best website.

We created trainers.net.au to level the playing field.

We know that the best trainers are often busy out there training clients. Being a great trainer and highly skilled at online marketing are two completely different skills. After seeing so many great trainers struggle to find clients, we decided we’d do something about it. We look after the online marketing part, so that trainers can focus on their part – getting clients fit and keeping clients healthy.

From this simple idea, trainers.net.au was born. Understand the needs of both trainers and clients; then provide a platform to connect them both.