What We Do

At trainers.net.au, we excel at helping you find the right personal trainer. Not just a fitness instructor, but a personal trainer who will provide exceptional service to assist you on your fitness journey.

What We Do

At trainers.net.au, we excel at helping you find the right personal trainer. Not just a fitness instructor, but a personal trainer who will provide exceptional service to assist you on your fitness journey.


Our approach is different. We have years of experience in the fitness industry, but we don't run the sessions ourselves. Instead, we match you with leading personal trainers who are in your local area. They then work with you to reach your health and fitness goals.

We're experts at matching you with Australias highest skilled and most experienced personal trainers, bootcamp instructors and fitness professionals. Each personal trainer we work with has been hand chosen by the team at trainers.net.au to make sure they reach our high standards.

Our partners are personal trainers who are experts in fitness, personal training and exercise. Their expertise covers weight loss, women's fitness, men's fitness, muscle gain, exercise for the elderly, injury recovery, event preparation and sports training - whatever your goal, we have a trainer for you.

How It Works

  1. Describe your goals and what you're looking to achieve.
    Tell us if you have a special event like a wedding or birthday coming up, specific health or fitness goals, or the reason you want a personal trainer.

  2. We match you with one of our trainers. They'll be in contact within 24 hours.
    We match you with one of our trainers in your area who can help you achieve your goals, and can train at a time that suits you.

  3. Book your training sessions once you're satisfied.
    You and the trainer will speak directly and arrange all the details of your training sessions. Once you are happy, then you book the sessions with the the trainer directly.


Types of Clients Who Use Us


We have more than a decade of first hand experience working in places such as Fitness First, the Australian Institute of Fitness, Fitness Network and running our own personal training businesses.

People who use our services to find a trainer range from stay-at-home mums, corporate executives and career professionals, retired individuals and even sports-inspired youth.

Because we have access to a large number of trainers, we are able to ensure that you reach your fitness and health goals, regardless of individual strength and conditioning levels.

How we select the best fitness professionals

All personal trainers we work with are highly qualified and must meet our induction standards to be able to work with us. Some of the things we look at when assessing if a trainer is suitable:

  • Multiple years experience in the fitness industry
  • Fully qualified with minimum Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Full insured with public liability and indemnity insurance
  • Registered with Fitness Australia
  • Satisfaction of past clients
  • Holistic approach to health and fitness

Our Story

Our goal is to make the world a fitter, healthier place by helping people find the right personal trainer.

We know that the best trainers are often busy out and about training clients. After seeing so many clients struggle to find great trainers, we decided we'd do something about it. We look after connecting clients with great trainers, so that trainers can focus on their part - getting clients fit and keeping clients healthy.

We firmly believe that by allowing trainers to work around your schedule, that we can overcome the current trend of obesity and being unfit, and we can create a positive impact on peoples lives.

From this simple idea, trainers.net.au was born. Understand the needs of both trainers and clients; then provide a platform to connect them.

How We Make Money

We charge a fee to the personal trainers that we work with. However, no personal trainer can pay their way to becoming partner of ours – our vetting process independently reviews whether they are good enough to join, as outlined above. Our clients (people looking for a trainer) do not pay us anything to use our service.

This is the same way in which eBay, Amazon and other online marketplaces function and make money. Because the personal trainers we work with have such high standards, you can be assured that you will be matched with a high quality trainer to reach your health and fitness goals.