About Us

A simple concept, come to life

We set up trainers.net.au with a simple idea; clients achieve their health and fitness goals when they are with a trainer that is a suitable match for them.

From this basic idea, we discovered that even the wonders of the internet hadn’t provided a simple platform for clients and trainers to be matched up effectively. 

The trainers.net.au platform was built from decades of industry exposure, with an understanding of what clients look for in a trainer, and how to bridge the gap between between clients who want trainers, and trainers who can help them reach their goals.

We facilitate bringing together clients and trainers

As digital natives, our platform is specifically built to so that clients can find trainers they may not have otherwise found online.

We know the trainers that get the best results for their clients aren’t always on the front page or Google or constantly running Facebook ads.

We are trying to democratise the personal training and fitness industry. A few of the big names in the fitness industry have had a good run, but we think it’s time to spread the love. That’s why we built trainers.net.au.

How It Works

1. Trainers complete their profiles

Personal trainers enter their profile details. This includes their training style, services offered, and training locations.

2. Clients browse trainer profiles

Clients have specific needs, whether it is wanting female specific fitness, training for seniors or preparing for a wedding. Clients can browse and find a trainer that suits them.

3. We connect trainers with clients

When a client finds a trainer they like, they make contact with the trainer to book a session.


It’s 100% Free

It is completely free for clients to connect with trainers, and it is completely free for trainers to receive enquiries from clients.

Currently this is a passion project, and we are focused on building the platform and helping clients find trainers. Later on we may look at providing trainers the option to add additional features and enhancements to their profile for a small fee.