Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Why is nutrition important?

Many individuals are ill-informed of incorporating healthy nutrition into their lifestyle, which is a common precursor for poor results. Although exercise is necessary for a healthier body, nutrition also plays a key factor in supplementing a great fitness program – especially regarding weight loss or toning. We believe it’s essential that all individuals maintain a proper diet to align their interests towards achieving future results, which is exactly why we extend our services to nutritional advice. We want you to avoid spoiling great workouts with poor food!

How does a personal trainer monitor your nutrition?

All clients have access to ask their trainer about nutrition guidance and healthy eating. This is great for clients to track their nutrition and receive advice on their diet based on individual needs and preferences. Clients will maintain their food log week to week by logging in and lodging their weekly log, their trainer then will be able to access each log and monitor their progress each week. Your personal trainer will not only be your exercise partner, but effectively your own nutrition coach. We’re here to educate our clients and to help you develop a strong understanding to make your own dietary decisions. Our aim is to make your healthier change sustainable in the long run.